Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kolkata Monorail mass transit system to be operational by mid-2011

Kolkata Monorail mass transit system to be operational by mid-2011
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From 2011 onwards, you will be able to travel on the Kolkata Monorail!

India has, it seems, a newfound fascination with monorail mass transit systems. Last week it was the MMRDA which cleared the Mumbai monorail project, and now the Kolkata-based Andromeda Technologies has got an order for building a monorail public transport system in Kolkata.

Three German companies – Fernmeldewerk Munchen Aubing, Derap AG and Helbling Technik will be working with Andromeda on this monorail project, work on which will start in March 2009. In the first phase, the monorail system will connect Budge Budge to Taratala in South Kolkata, a distance of around 20km. The cost of putting up the monorail will be Rs 600 million per kilometre, and the project is expected to be completed by mid-2011.

In the second phase, Kolkata’s monorail project will be extended by another 52km, stretching from Taratala to Rajarhat, in the eastern part of the city.


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